Selections Galore!

We have numerous bridal and diamond rings that are not listed on our website.
Don't make the mistake of not coming by our store and checking our selection, quality, and prices before you make this special purchase.
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You have heard all the hype

and promises about diamond prices, but before you buy a diamond, shop Spray’s and compare our quality and prices. Come visit our relaxed, no pressure atmosphere where we offer service before and beyond the sale, guaranteed.

Spray’s has a large selection of diamonds in stock; however, you are not limited to our instock selection. We will gladly have any diamond shipped in, usually by the next day, for any serious inquiry. Would you be willing to wait one day for us to order a diamond from one of our direct suppliers in order to save hundreds or thousands of dollars on a quality diamond?

Whether your diamond budget is a few hundred dollars or several thousand dollars, we have the perfect diamond for you.